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Stereo Bar

*The Stereo Bars are no longer available - Discontinued on the 1st of January 2015.*

The Stereo bar is a microphone boom for the mounting of microphone pairs for A-B, XY or ORTF stereo recordings.
The bar can be adjusted for both microphone spacing and microphone angle. The boom can be mounted on 3/8” or 5/8” threaded microphone stands, and has 5 cm (2”) graduations on the boom and angle graduations for quick and easy configuration.

The Stereo bar is supplied with two brass 3/8” mounting points which can be slid up and down the bar for easy positioning. Any microphone clamp or suspension with 3/8” thread will fit the Stereo bar. The stereo bar is also supplied with a spacer to allow XY stereo or ORTF stereo setup.

The Stereo Bar is avalaible in two lengths: 40 cm and 70 cm.