G3 Mini Boom Pole 1.63M (Archived)

Product Code: 185604

*Available until 1st February 2015*

3-section Carbon fibre boom pole, extended length of 1.63 Metres

Main Benefits:

  • Robust. lightweight pole with quick release mechanism
  • Easy to clean thanks to unique, patented locking mechanism

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*Available until 1st February 2015*

Measuring 64cm at its shortest length and extending to a maximum of 1.63 metres, the triple-segment, Carbon Fibre G3 Mini News Boom Pole weighs just 360 grammes, and is perfect for applications such as location recording with small news-gathering teams.

The G3 also feature the same patented quick release mechanism and reliable triple-cam locking system, allowing for minimal twisting when locking/unlocking, making it less likely to jam when dirty. The locking system can also be stripped down completely for easy cleaning of the pole.

Please note that unlike the larger G5, it is not possible to run a cable inside the G3.
Width: ø 17 mm - ø 23 mm
Length: Collapsed: 0.64 m; Extended: 1.63 m
Weight: 360g

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1 x G3 Mini Boom Pole 1.63M (Archived)
Product Code: 185604
*Available until 1st February 2015*

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G3 Mini Boom Pole 1.63M (Archived)

*Available until 1st February 2015*

Product Code: 185604