G5-4M MKII Production Pole 3.6M (Archived)

Product Code: 185603

*Available until 1st February 2015*

5-section Carbon fibre boom pole, with extended length of 3.6 Metres

Main Benefits:

  • Robust. lightweight pole with quick release mechanism
  • Easy to clean thanks to unique, patented locking mechanism

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*Available until 1st February 2015*

Featuring the same lightweight patented triple-cam 'grip and twist' locking system as the original aluminium A5 pole, and with no metal parts to add to its weight, the new Carbon Fibre G5 Boom Pole combines lightweight construction with great tensile strength. As on the A5, the locking mechanism is designed to be resistant to jamming when the pole is dirty; however, if necessary, the locking collars can be completely stripped down for cleaning in the field if required.

The G5 is available in two versions, a standard version and one with an internal coiled cable and built-in Neutrik XLR connector in the hilt.

The new G5-4M MKII Production Pole has an extended length of up to 3.6m (11' 9") and collapsed length of 1m (3' 3").
G5-4M MKII Production Pole (185603)
Length: Collapsed: 1m (3'3"); Extended 3.6m (11'9")
Weight: 618g (21.8 oz)

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1 x G5-4M MKII Production Pole 3.6M (Archived)
Product Code: 185603
*Available until 1st February 2015*

G5 Boom Poles

G5 Boom Poles from Rycote on Vimeo.

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G5-4M MKII Production Pole 3.6M (Archived)

*Available until 1st February 2015*

Product Code: 185603