DPA 4017B

Microphone Description

Brand: DPA
Model: 4017B

The DPA d:dicate 4017B is a supercardioid shotgun mic intened for broadcast, location, production and studio applications. With a highly directional pick-up pattern paired with an interference tube that rejects off axis and side spill, the 4017B is a lightweight, accurate and focused mic that performs with neutral clarity.

The 4017B has been designed to tune out rear and side sound spill. The capsule uses a high voltage pre-polarized back plate, endowing the shotgun with high output as well as wide dynamics, extremely low noise and distortion specifications and is full RF frequency immune. For extended sonic control, the 4017B has two adjustable high pass filters at 120Hz and 50Hz and a high frequency +4dB shelf at 8kHz, easily adjustable from the on body ring switches.

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