DPA 4021

Microphone Description

Brand: DPA
Model: 4021

The 4021 uses the same type of cartridge as the famous 4011, but is preamplified using a built-in, ultra-small, thick-film mounted FET preamplifier. The result is the world's smallest studio quality cardioid condenser microphone, that runs directly on phantom power with no external preamplifier needed. The 4021 has its cable attached at 90° to the microphone axis, which is mechanically perfect for situations where the microphone needs to be mounted directly on the musical instrument or on a stand. A stereo kit (3521) is available and can be used with the XY/ORTF holder for compact stereo use.

Microphone Specifications

Weight: 27.5
Length: 31
Min Diameter: 0
Max Diameter: 19

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