Audio-Technica ATR 55

Microphone Description

Brand: Audio-Technica
Model: ATR 55

The ATR55 offers intelligible reproduction for close-, medium-, and long-distance pickup. In its “Tele” range setting, this cardioid condenser is engineered to pick up dialogue and sound effects at a distance, while bypassing ambient noise such as traffic, air-handling systems, room reverberation and mechanically coupled vibrations. Designed especially for use with video cameras.

Microphone Specifications

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Modular Windshield Kit

Modular Windshield WS 4 Kit

Suitable for Shotgun mics 211mm up to 280mm in length

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Modular Windshield and Extensions

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Shock Mounts & Suspension

InVision Broadcast & Film


Ideal for front-heavy microphones, or shotgun microphones used with a Softie or BBG windshield.

Product: 041118

Connboxes & Cables


Connbox CB1 (XLR-3F)

Suitable for mono microphones with 3-pin XLR.

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