Schoeps CMC Remote Capsule

Microphone Description

Brand: Schoeps
Model: CMC Remote Capsule

SCHOEPS offers 20 different microphone capsules, including omnidirectional, wide cardioid, "Open Cardioid," super cardioid and figure-8 types (MK8), as well as a capsule with mechanically switchable patterns (omni/cardioid - MK5) and several capsule types for close pickup of speech.

The majority of the capsules (including the frequently used MK4 and and the MK41) are specified at 22mm in Length, 20mm in diameter and weigh approximately 17g each.

Depending on your application (CMC Colette series, Active Colette Cables and additional filters etc.) to find an appropriate Rycote system please search for microphone/amplifier combination pages instead.

Microphone Specifications

Weight: 17g (MK41 etc.) / 18g (MK8) / 25g (MK5)
Length: 22mm (MK41 etc.) / 34mm (MK8) / 27mm (MK5)
Min Diameter: 20mm
Max Diameter: 20mm

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Other Compatible Products

Windshield Solutions


18/32 SGM Foam Black

Suitable for small diaphragm mics of 19-22 mm diameter

Product: 104414

Modular Windshield and Extensions

Windshield WS 9

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Modular Windjammer

Windjammer WJ 9

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Hi-Wind Cover

Hi Wind Cover 9

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Shock Mounts & Suspension

Modular Suspensions

Suspension XX-Small MS Mini

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InVision Studio

InVision INV-1

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InVision Broadcast & Film

InVision INV-4

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Connboxes & Cables


Connbox CB5 (LEMO Detachable)

Suitable for single Schoeps CCM Lemo.

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