Schoeps CMC w/Cut 1

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Brand: Schoeps
Model: CMC w/Cut 1

The CMC 6 Ug is designed for standard 48- and 12-Volt phantom powering. Its circuitry recognizes the supply voltage and adjusts itself automatically. Its performance characteristics remain essentially the same either way; mainly, the difference is that the current drawn at 12 Volts is greater than at 48 Volts. However, the 12-Volt mode consumes less power and might be preferred for battery-powered recording.

The Schoeps Cut 1 is a low-cut filter designed for use with the Colette series capsules. The filter is inserted between the capsule and CMC or M222 microphone amplifiers. The Cut 1 eliminates low frequency noise caused by wind, vibration, proximity effect and line noise below 60Hz at 24dB / octave.

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