Olympus DM 450 / 550

Microphone Description

Brand: Olympus
Model: DM 450 / 550

A really great recorder. Top of the range of the new DM breed of Olympus recorders, the Olympus DM-550 offers CD quality recording and playback at a reasonable price.

It also boasts a huge 4 GB of integral memory as well as a slot for microSD and microSDHC memory cards - plenty of space for everything you'd need to record and lots left over to store music, audiobooks or podcasts.

It has 40 hours of battery life, handy battery save technology and can be charged via USB.
The DM series has also been designed with the visually impaired in mind offering tactile precision buttons, intuitive operation, and a 'Voice Guidance'

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Olympus DM450/550/LS-P2 Mini Windjammer

Suitable for Olympus DM450/550/LS-P2

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