Olympus LS-12

Microphone Description

Brand: Olympus
Model: LS-12

The LS-12 offers improved low noise and high quality microphones which capture flawless sound. Combined with new Mode Dials and various music functions the LS-12 is where professional sound meets simplicity.

Featuring a user-friendly Mode Dial, Smart Mode functionality and more, the LS-12 makes it easier than ever to achieve studio-standard audio results. This top sound quality is thanks to a high-sensitivity stereo microphone system with two mics set at 90 degrees for capturing expansive and true-to-life audio with low levels of noise up to an incredible 130 db SPL. On top of this, you can also enhance your tracks still further with a range of sophisticated functions specifically developed for musicians to produce the very best recordings - including a Chromatic Tuner for getting instruments in tune, a Metronome for keeping everything in time, high-powered overdubbing capabilities and variable playback speed control.

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