Olympus LS-14

Microphone Description

Brand: Olympus
Model: LS-14

The Olympus LS14 PCM Linear Recorder is part of Olympus' LS Recorder range, offering recordings at better than CD quality. It records at 24-bit/96kHz, which is better than CD quality, ensuring that what's being recorded is reflected in the most accurate way possible. Unlike a lot of portable audio recorders, the LS-14 features a high quality speaker for an enjoyable playback experience at any time.

The Olympus LS-14 features a pair of stereo directional microphones as well as a centre omni-directional microphone in a new configuration that Olympus calls the Tresmic System. The inclusion is designed to help capture lower bass frequencies with better clarity.

The LS-14's ultimate portability is complemented by its 46 hour battery life, ensuring that users do not need to carry bulky power supplies with them for long recordings. The unit has 4GB of internal memory, as well as an additional slot for SD or SDHC cards of up to 32GB capacity.

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