Sennheiser ME 36

Microphone Description

Brand: Sennheiser
Model: ME 36

The ME 36 is a miniature shotgun capsule with a supercardioid/lobar pattern that fits onto a range of goosenecks which in turn mount to a variety of stands, bases and supports. The system is intended for installed sound use but its excellent performance and versatility enable it to find uses within broadcast too. The design is a rugged all-metal one and despite its minute size has excellent directivity The capsule connection is proprietary but the gooseneck termination is a standard XLR-3M.

Microphone Specifications

Weight: 17
Length: 96
Min Diameter: 0
Max Diameter: 8.1999999999999993

Sharing Options

Other Compatible Products

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Suitable for the AKG C747, Audio-Technica ATM350, Sennheiser ME36, Schoeps CCM, amongst others.

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