Sennheiser MKH 30

Microphone Description

Brand: Sennheiser
Model: MKH 30

An RF condenser microphone using a symmetrical capsule. It has a transformerless, fully-floating balanced output. Switchable pre-attenuation and proximity effect roll-off filter are provided. The MKH30 is widely used for the S component of an MS pair both in studio and location conditions. The low-impedance capsule design makes it virtually immune to high humidity and condensation. (Rycote accessory listing is for MS stereo pairing with MKH40 or 50)

Microphone Specifications

Weight: 110
Length: 174
Min Diameter: 0
Max Diameter: 25

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Recommended Products

Other Compatible Products

Windshield Solutions

Classic-Softie Windshield

5cm Classic-Softie (24/25)

Slip-on fur and open-cell foam windshield suitable for shotgun microphones, with slots no further than 5cm from the front of the mic and a diameter of 24-25mm.

Product: 033013

Foams / Windjammers

5cm SGM Foam & Windjammer (24/25)

Suitable for shotgun microphones, with slots no further than 5 cm from the front of the mic.

Product: 055202

BBG Windshield

25mm BBG Windshield

Suitable for microphones with a 25mm shank diameter

Product: 011003

Lyre and Lyre Upgrades

Lyre for Stereo Suspension

Back-to-Back Clips

Universal back to back clips for piggy backing round and slab sided microphones between 19 and 25mm diameter.

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