Shure SM 63

Microphone Description

Brand: Shure
Model: SM 63

Elegant yet rugged, the high-output SM63 series of dynamic omnidirectional microphones are designed for professional applications where performance and appearance are critical. The three models differ only in length and color. The SM63 is designed for handheld use on stage and in broadcast, recording, and TV studios. The SM63L and SM63LB are ideal for remote interviews and other situations where longer microphones are desirable.

The smooth, wide frequency response of the SM63 is tailored for optimum speech intelligibility, and includes a controlled low-frequency rolloff for reduced pick-up of stand and wind noise. A built-in humbucking coil makes the microphones virtually immune to strong hum fields, such as those produced by studio lighting.

Microphone Specifications

Weight: 99g (3.50 oz)
Length: 233 mm (9-3/16)"
Min Diameter: 20 mm (25/32)"
Max Diameter: 32 mm (1-1/4) "

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