Shure WL 51

Microphone Description

Brand: Shure
Model: WL 51

Omnidirectional subminiature lavalier condenser microphones that are virtually invisible - they are made by DPA Microphones (see DPA4061) and terminated for use with Shure Wireless transmitters. They are used in video productions and theatre, as well as in sound reinforcement applications. The can be fitted with alternative grilles for HF lift. Powering is 5-9V. Also available as the WL51BL, in black, with a four-pin Lemo connector; the WL51T, in tan, with a TA4F connector; and the WL51TL, in tan, with a four-pin Lemo connector.

Microphone Specifications

Weight: 0
Length: 12.7
Min Diameter: 0
Max Diameter: 5.4

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