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Author: Elena Bostan Date: 21/05/2014
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Friends Henderson and Graef are climbing a mountain. They are joined together by a rope. They are taking a difficult passage, when Henderson’s inattentiveness leads to him falling. Graef reacts by jumping off the other side of the ledge, creating a counter-balance. Henderson ends up dangling twenty metres below. The rope is shifting and the wind is rising. Henderson knows that he will remain hanging as long as Greaf remains hanging there…

Based on a story by J. Heyink.


About Balance

- submitted to the Academy Awards in the categories Best Live Action Short Film, by the EYE Film Institute Netherlands.

- Winner best short action BCN Film festival Barcelona, Spain

- 2nd prize winner of the Green Film Making Competition

- official selection Dutch Mountain Film Festival

- official selection Dutch Film Festival, Utrecht

- official selection Go Short, Nijmegen

- official selection Vukovar film festival , Croatia

- official selection Calgary International Film Festival

- official selection Hamptons International Film Festival 

- official selection Istanbul International Short Film Festival

- official selection Nashville

- official selection IFS Independent Filmmakers Showcase Holywood

- official selection Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF)

- official selection Starz Denver Film Festival

- official selection Rooftop Film Festival New York

- official selection Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Tokyo

- official selection Athens Int'l Film Festival

- official selection Why Not? Adventure Film Festival Glasgow

- official selection Boulder Adventure Film Festival

- official selection Trento Film festival



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