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Windshield Solutions

Rycote pioneered a new standard for windshield systems in 1969. Through constant engineering advancements, Rycote has evolved the gold standard that is trusted by professionals for outstanding wind and shock isolation while withstanding the extremes of field production sound. Available as an individual product, or as a kit with Lyre Shock Mount suspension technology.

Shock Mounts & Suspension

For more than forty years, Rycote has incorporated Shock mounts into Suspensions and Windshield kits. Numerous developments through the years have enhanced performance, weight, and durability to attain the most advanced shock mount and suspension technology used in field applications today. Rycote has applied its Lyre Shock Mount technology to a broad range of applications inside and outside the extremes of field sound.

Lavalier Solutions

Rycote has employed its signature wind and noise protection for a wide range of lavalier accessories specifically designed for low-profile or hidden microphone applications. These essential tools of the trade are used by production and live sound engineers to provide the best possible audio for any environment where personal microphones are required.

Boom Poles

Boom Poles

Mic Flags

Rycote's Mic Flags are made from durable shatterproof moulded plastic and avoid the use of perishable foam inserts to make the flags fit the microphone. Instead, an array of internally fitted hard-wearing red and black rubber 'vanes' secures the flag around the microphone, allowing Rycotes Mic Flags to be used with any microphones ranging from 19 to 38mm in diameter.

Connboxes & Cables

Microphone cables are frequently so stiff that they short-circuit any acoustic isolation from the shock-mount almost completely. Our Connbox can be fitted to any variant of the Modular Suspension to avoid this and isolate and eradicate cable-borne noise.

Lyre and Lyre Upgrades

All current Rycote shock-mounts & suspensions feature the patented Lyre technology for superior shock isolation against handling noise. Upgrade Lyre kits are available to convert previous rubber & elastic Rycote suspensions.

Accessories & Parts

Accessories & replacement parts for your Rycote products.