Grey Lavalier Windjammer

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Suitable for use with Lavalier Mic Foams

Main Benefits:

  • High-level protection against wind noise for lavalier mics in the open air
  • Reduces lavalier microphone noise and clothes rustle

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Designed for use with Lavalier microphones worn on the outside of clothing, the Lavalier Windjammer (or Furry) is the most heavy-duty of Rycote's subminiature Lavalier microphone products. It is suitable for use in windy outdoor interview conditions, and greatly reduces microphone noise and clothes rustle, while also providing effective wind protection. The Lavalier Windjammer comes in a range of black, grey, and white as standard. Other colours are also available on request to allow you to select the right match for your chosen piece of clothing.

Width: 40 mm
Length: 40 mm
Height: 30 mm

Suitable for
Microphone Diameters: 4.5 mm
Microphone Length (up to): 15 mm
Maximum Wind-noise Attenuation: 12 dB

1 x Cross cut Foam
1x Cross cut Foam with rubber ring
1x Fur cover

Lavalier & Ristretto Windjammer

Lavalier & Ristretto Windjammer from Rycote on Vimeo.

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Lavalier Mics Solutions

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Lavalier Mic Solutions (update 08_14)

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Grey Lavalier Windjammer - single

Suitable for use with Lavalier Mic Foams (single)

Product Code: 065515

Grey Lavalier Windjammer - pair

Suitable for use with Lavalier Mic Foams (pair)

Product Code: 065502