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  • Shotgun Mic
  • Small Diaphragm Condenser
  • Large Studio Mic
  • Stereo Mic
  • Lavalier
  • Stereo Combinations
  • Handheld/Reporter Mic
  • Portable Recorder
  • Camcorder/HDSLR
  • Camera HotShoe Mic
  • Smart Phone/Tablet
  • Ambisonic/Surround Microphone

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  • Broadcast, Film & ENG
  • Audio for Video & HDSLR
  • Studio & Live Sound

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Shock Mounts & Suspension

For more than forty years, Rycote has incorporated Shock mounts into Suspensions and Windshield kits. Numerous developments through the years have enhanced performance, weight, and durability to attain the most advanced shock mount and suspension technology used in field applications today. Rycote has applied its Lyre Shock Mount technology to a broad range of applications inside and outside the extremes of field sound.