Sony NEX-VG 10/20 MWJ with foam

Product Code: 055420

Suitable for Sony NEX-VG

Main Benefits:

  • Record, interview or broadcast in any weather

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The Mini Windjammer for the Sony NEX-VG provides excellent wind isolation for capturing audio in high-wind environments. Made from high-quality synthetic fur specifically designed for wind isolation,  easy-to-fit slip-on fur covers for use when recording outside with the built-in microphones found on portable cameras, external camera mics and handheld reporter microphones.

Some of our Mini Windjammers have 10 mm fur, while others have 25 mm Softie fur for use in more unsettled conditions, and can be fitted to a wide variety of devices.

Note: This Mini Windjammer is specifically designed for the
Sony NEX-VG.

1 x 40/55 Reporter Mic Foam
Product Code: 104405
Suitable for reporter mics of 40 mm diameter, with slots no further than 55 mm from the front of the mic.

1 x 35/50 Mini Windjammer for foam
Product Code: 055377
Suitable for 35/50 Reporter Mic Foams

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Sony NEX-VG 10/20 MWJ with foam

Suitable for Sony NEX-VG 10/20

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