Olympus LS-05/LS-10/LS-11/LS-12/LS-14 Mini Windjammer

Product Code: 055398

Suitable for Olympus LS-05/LS-10/LS-11/LS-12/LS-14

Main Benefits:

  • Blog, interview or podcast in any weather
  • Available for over a dozen types of recorder, mono or stereo

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Rycote's Mini Windjammer range has expanded tremendously in recent years with the introduction of compact slip-on fur Windjammer for the growing numbers of portable handheld digital recorders, as used by journalists, podcasters and broadcasters everywhere. These devices are now available in such a range of shapes, sizes and types (mono and stereo), that slightly different custom Windjammer designs are needed for each one; over a dozen types are currently available. 

If you want to make professional-quality recordings outdoors for TV, radio or film use on a handheld recorder, get yourself one of our Mini Windjammer.
Suitable for Olympus LS-10/LS-11

Olympus LS-05For more information on this specific Portable Recorder, go to the Olympus website at http://www.olympus.co.uk
Olympus LS-10The LS-10 does things differently. The two built-in microphones provide a full stereo signal that can be captured in a Linear PCM unc...
Olympus LS-11The Olympus LS-11 Linear PCM Recorder delivers an unbeatable combination of high-tech audio quality, portability and creative flexibi...
Olympus LS-12The LS-12 offers improved low noise and high quality microphones which capture flawless sound. Combined with new Mode Dials and vario...
Olympus LS-14The Olympus LS14 PCM Linear Recorder is part of Olympus' LS Recorder range, offering recordings at better than CD quality. It records...
1 x Olympus LS-05/LS-10/LS-11/LS-12/LS-14 Mini Windjammer
Product Code: 055398
Suitable for Olympus LS-05/LS-10/LS-11/LS-12/LS-14

Mini Windjammer (for portable audio recorders)

Mini Windjammer (for portable audio recorders) from Rycote on Vimeo.

Portable Recorder Audio Kits

Portable Recorder Audio Kits from Rycote on Vimeo.

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Audio for Video Solutions

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Olympus LS-05/LS-10/LS-11/LS-12/LS-14 Mini Windjammer

Suitable for Olympus LS-10/LS-11/LS-12/LS-14

Product Code: 055398